Under 2’s

Under 2's

Baby Room
At Dragonflies Community Nursery, we know how difficult it is to find just the right home away from home for your baby.

Our under 2’s room is designed in order to be cosy and secure, whilst also offering areas of exploration for your ever curious baby. We believe that being outdoors is fundamental to not just children’s physical development but also their emotional well-being and that is why we have chosen for our baby room to have a free flow garden space, just like our older children have access to.

We know you will be anxious to leave your little one, perhaps for the first time. We will work with you to learn all about your child, their favourite songs, games, their routines, likes and dislikes for us to create just the right environment in those important first few weeks. Children settle best when their parents feel safe and comfortable, and therefore, we take a whole family approach to the settling process.
Our under 2’s room also has it’s own sensory space which children can crawl and toddle into at their leisure; and a separate sleep room so you know your little one can have some uninterrupted rest.


what parents say

Testimonials About Dragonflies

I couldn’t have asked for a more attentive and caring environment for my daughter. The thoughtful activities that are factored around my child’s interest make her so excited to go. Being open during school holidays and between 8-6 helps me manage my work hours and I know she is safe and happy.

Mr and Mrs C

Parents to Chloe, aged 4

There is everything to love about Dragonflies. The staff are amazing and compassionate, the children look so happy. Our son is so excited about his new friends and the care and attention he gets!


Mother to Eli, aged 3

I’m absolutely delighted to have found such excellent childcare right on my doorstep. The staff are absolutely incredible and my son has developed hugely since starting at Dragonflies. I was also surprised at how affordable the sessions were! Highly recommended!

Emma P

Mother to Alfie, aged 2