Early Years Practitioner
Brief info

Hi, i’m Lacey and I have been given the opportunity to work for dragonflies nursery as their new apprentice.

I am extremely excited and intrigued to see how this journey pans out for me. I have never worked in a nursery setting before but I have always loved to babysit my cousins and family friends children. I love the thought of helping children thrive and becoming the best versions of themselves they can be, whilst supplying each child with their own independent needs as not every child is the same; although i will be helping these children pick up and learn new skills, I also will be doing this, adapting to a new environment and learning to understand each and every single child - observing their personalities.

Working with children often brings out the best in me-I believe I have a natural way of working with them and I’d love to explore this professionally and see where it leads me in the future. I can’t wait to meet all of the little ones and form amazing relationships with them, as well as the staff.